Sunday, May 27, 2012

Detoxifying Pineapple-Fennel Juice

Pineapple-Fennel Juice

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is going great. Maybe you are hosting a BBQ party or just simply enjoying the extra day off. I'm going to a pool & BBQ party with my boys tomorrow and frankly can't wait to relax in the sun with a good drink or two! But of course I want to make up for it and clean my body up before poisoning with beer tomorrow. So today I'm having a detox drink that my husband would put in the "horse food" category and the only way he would drink it would be overloaded it with Vodka.  I, on the other hand enjoy the freshness of it and could drink it all day long.

I used what ever I found in the fridge but you can substitute kale, spinach, pears or what ever you can find.  Pineapple contains digestive enzymes that are good for you. Mint and ginger will help with digesting and fennel is an excellent source of vitamin-c and fiber plus adds that liquorish kick to your healthy cocktail. I make mine in a Cousinart juicer that I absolutely hate to wash after. But it is always worth it!  If it is tasting too healthy for you, add extra apple or strawberries. Cheers!!

1 cup of chopped pineapple
1/2 of english cucumber with skin
1 lemon without skin
1 apple cut in quarters with skin on
bunch of mint leaves
Trimmings from one fennel bulb
Trimmings from couple of baby beets
Piece of ginger root
About 2 pieces of celery sticks

Clean all of your fruit and veggies, peel the lemon and cut up your apple, cucumber and celery. Put all   of your good stuff through the juicer on high speed. It will not look that good but I can assure you it will taste great. Mix it up and enjoy.

Detoxifying Pineapple-Fennel Juice

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